• El Cerezo-Mirador nacimiento Arroyo Frío

    El Cerezo-Mirador nacimiento Arroyo Frío

    Es la ruta señalizada más cerca que tenemos en  la Casa Alkaras. El inicio de la ruta es desde la plaza del El Cerezo (nuestra…

  • El Cerezo-Loma Gerica

    El Cerezo-Loma Gerica

    One kilometer (0.21 leagues) from the house, there is a ghost small village where there are a waterfall and a small river too. That is…

  • Pinturas rupestres

    Pinturas rupestres

    “Las cuevas del río” house some cave paintings painted by our ancestors. It’s a site with naturalistic and stylized human figures with animals making up…

  • Nacimiento del Río Segura

    Nacimiento del Río Segura

    The river sources at 1.450 meters, at Fuente Segura village. It sources in a big pool that flows fresh and crystalline.

  • Las Banderillas

    Las Banderillas

    1993 meters (6538 feet). Is the highest peak in Sierra Segura. We can get there from Campos de Hernán Perea. On the top of the…

  • Cueva del Agua

    Cueva del Agua

    From Povotello village we can get this big and beautiful cave. It has more than 40 meters depth (131 feet), 40 meters wide and 10…

  • Pico del Almorchón

    Pico del Almorchón

    1915 meters (6282 feet), from Los Teatinos village (in the near of El Cerezo) we can climb it but it is hardly. High difficulty. It…

  • Laguna de Valdeazores

    Laguna de Valdeazores

    Across Campos de Hernán Perea we get a really wonderful landscape. One of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole park.

  • Nacimiento del Río Segura-Mirador Juan León

    Nacimiento del Río Segura-Mirador Juan León

    This route take us to a wonderful viewpoint where we can see Sierra Cazorla on the left hand, la cumbre del Yelmo and the mountain…

  • Embalse Las Anchuricas

    Embalse Las Anchuricas

    Really nearly from the village of La Toba (in Santiago-Pontones) we can visit this wonderful landscape. Under the reservoir sleeps the village of Casicas del…

  • Campos de Hernán Perea

    Campos de Hernán Perea

    It's a 30 kilometer high plateau (32.808 yards) where the snow and the water accumulate in aquifers, a natural tank for the rivers Segura and…

  • Picón del Galayo

    Picón del Galayo

    1.840 meters (6.036 feet). It is a mountain behind El Cerezo. It takes approximately 4-5 hours but it has a high difficulty and you have…

  • Cerezo-Fuente del Muso-Aldea Cañuelos-Cerezo

    Cerezo-Fuente del Muso-Aldea Cañuelos-Cerezo

    That route takes approximately 2 hours and you can visit la Fuente del Muso, where it begins a stream affluent of Segura's river.

  • Santiago de la Espada

    Santiago de la Espada

    Is a town where El Cerezo is situated. It’s worth visit it. There we can see a representation of Sierra Segura’s architecture. Stand out the…

  • Museo Etnológico ‘Alma Serrana’

    Museo Etnológico ‘Alma Serrana’

    In the Los Anchos village, there is a museum that represents the “mountain soul”. There is a little shop where is possible to buy some…

  • Jardín Botánico Torre del Vinagre

    Jardín Botánico Torre del Vinagre

    It is situated at the Coto Ríos village, in Santiago de la Espada. This is a centre offering information about the Natural reserve Cazorla, Sierra…

  • Ruta de las aldeas

    Ruta de las aldeas

    There are different lovely villages in Santiago de la Espada to visit by car: Miller, la Muela…

  • Salto de la Novia

    Salto de la Novia

    Is situated at the viewpoint de la Zarzalea. According to the legend, a bride from the village of Viter, committed suicide because their parents wanted…